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Compact IIP (Police)

Extremely small GSM alarm system special version of Compact II developed with and for different European Police and Security-Companies observation, investigation and monitoring of movable goods anti theft protection – no chance for snatcher & Co.

Compact II P is the smallest mobile GSM Alarm system in the world, and the first mobile phone system designed for observation of rooms and vehicles, to secure all kinds of goods and to protect you against burglary. Internal sensors, voice-, movement- and vibration sensors, will instantly release an alarm and the device will send a SMS and/or a call to up to six preprogrammed numbers (max. three as a call).
External sensors can be connected through an additional interface and you can make a silent call to the unit to listen into monitored areas. The device can be hidden in or on any object without installation, Compact IIP works with every pre- or postpaid sim-card.

Brief description

  • Sensors
  • infared for movement
  • vibrationsensor
  • microfon for noise
  • can be set single or in groups
  • sensitivity can be ajusted


  • Alarms, released through above mentioned sensors, produce a call and/or sms message to up to 6 preprogrammed numbers.
  • The text of the messages and the numbers can be set or reset by sms or webapplication.
  • The device can be reached by everyone as a normal mobile phone and can dial  up to three numbers
  • By sms you can request a silent call from the device and listen into the situation, during that call the loudspeaker is switched off.
  • A timer function can define the observation length.
  • geo fencing, the device is able to learn cell id´s and release an alarm as soon as the predefined area is left
  • The device can be located by using the LBS of the provider.


  • Works with standard sim, pre- or postpaid.
  • Powersupply by li-ion battery or mains adapter.
  • External antenna possible.